Enjoy a quick dip or a leisurely swim in the nearby river. Much better than a swimming pool!

Coracle ride, bamboo raft, and fishing activities for individuals and small groups

Bicycles for rent. There are scenic biking routes around the property, including some that take you through forest areas.

Guided tours, adventure and trekking activities

Nature walks, plantation tours, tribal community interaction, on-site camping, BBQ, campfire

Panchakarma and Ayurvedic treatments, and full body massages by certified practitioners

Yoga classes and meditation sessions

Cooking classes

Airport transfers, personalised sightseeing services and Kerala tour packages

24/7 hot water in the bathrooms. Filtered, boiled and herb-infused water (or bottled mineral water if you require) for drinking.

Free WiFi

Shuttle court, outdoor activities, and team building exercises

Wardrobe and dressing table

Laundry and ironing available

Terrace area with books and board games